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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the father an son inside the home made it out only with the clothes on their back. >> long after the flames are gone -- >> when our guys got here, it was fully involved. >> -- fire officials work to pinpoint what start the fire. >> it appears to have started in a carport area that was convert today a bedroom. >> the house was a total loss. anything that was in the house closed. red cross has been called in to assist the family. everything in the house is a total loss. >> the couple and their three teenaged children called this house home for eight year. lee and his oldest son were the only ones home when the fire broke out. >> i woke up to smoke. i came out and woke up dad and was like, get out of the house
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>> thankful he and his dad made it out without injury, he is worried about how he will pick up the pieces. >> nervous. nervous president house. don't know where we'll go. >> when we were out earlier, we saw officials with the red cross working with the family. the family tells me they have relatives they plan to stay with in the meantime. >> school officials combing over school buses after being exposed to salt brian on the roads. transportation director from madison county schools gave our morning team an up close look at the wear and tear it can have on buses over time. a bus used as an example has seen a dozen years on the roads and is now used only as a spare. rust and corrosion are the most damaged parts of the road. officials say a close eye is
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in winter months. each of the 46 school buses in the county undergoes a regular inspection. >> they are inspected every 30 days days. the state has a full manual on the safety inspection. we follow it. >> he adds routine pot checks are done in conjunction to the regular inspections. the tires brakes, fluids are among those checked often. >> a winter blast seems like a distant memory. we are looking at temperatures towards the 60's. >> absolutely. we are heading there. skycam network, chimney rock, a breeze out there. 51 degrees. across our area, it is already significantly warmer, 61 right now in asheville. 54 in brevard. 51 in cherokee. 60 in hendersonville. 50 in wanesville. sal and repair, notice all the
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over us, pop up showers will happen this afternoon more frequently tomorrow and by wednesday, significant rainfall is coming our way. i'll let you know how much in a while. 7:00 p.m., 54 degrees. the warm temperatures will not last all week. how cold will we get? i'll answer that question as well. >> happening today, investigators are learning more about the death of a 13-year-old girl from blacksburg. it is coming from a second virginia tech student now facing charges. the remains of nicole were found in north carolina about 100 miles from her home. megan hughes has the latest. >> 18-year-old virginia tech student appeared in court facing first degree murder charges. police say he kidnapped and killed 13-year-old nicole lovele.
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>> also in shock, the maryland communities of the two teenage suspects, natalie keepers is charged as an accessory, accused of helping eisenhower dispose of the girl's body. police say eisenhower knew lovele and used that to his advantage. >> people are distressed and could use your help. >> she lived down the street from eisenhower. she feels for his parents. after arresting eisenhower, police found lovele's body 80 miles away. she vanished wednesday. after pushing a dresser against her bedroom door and climbing out her window, more than 100 volunteers joined the search. family and friends worry because lovele had a liver transplant as a child and needed daily medication. >> i didn't think that would
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always the cutest little thing. >> lovele's mother said her daughter was bullied on social media and at school. >> five people being arraigned on accusations involving abuse of special needs students at a school in massachusetts. the district attorney said all five worked in great barrington. the private facility treats boys and young men ages 9 to 22 who have learning disabilities and behavioral problems. about 50 law enforcement officers including fbi agents went to the school to investigate. there is a shock to the community but some are reserving judgment. >> to hear mr. may be allegations of something going on is surprising. >> before we saw in los angeles a story about teaches being accused and they were found innocent.
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have to make sure. >> four of the five people accused are charged with assault and battery on a disabled person. the fifth was charminged with obstruction of justice and witness intimidation. >> federal investigators will release more than 2,000 panls of documents into a deadly amtrak train derailment. they will include sper view transcripts with the train's engineer, 32-year-old brandon boshen. first responders have images from the scene. last year amtrak train 188 was going 106 miles an hour when it entered a sharp curve between boston and washington and hurd ld off the tracks. eight people died and more than 200 were hurt. >> it is decision day in iowa. the 2016 presidential nomination process is in full swing. lana shows us the candidates are chris crisscrossing the state. >> it sounds like you want to
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>> i am a better candidate and thanks to you, i will be a better president and i want you to know that. >> this is it, time up for the democrats and republicans running for president.president. >> i think a lot of people will make a decision when they are listening to their neighbors. >> on both the republican and democrat side the last poll found five points or less separating first and second place. with a third of voters waivering in their support campaigns can affect results up to the last second. in their final day on the trail, ted cruz attended church. >> run this country like a god fearing christian. >> i'm asking you to caucus for me tomorrow because if i'm president of the united states, when i am president of the united states, we will confront the challenges of our time.
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second place or better. >> get out of bed and caucus. donald trump gave his wife the mike to close the deal in iowa. >> he will be ununbelievable. >> four republicans will expect to see those results after 7:00 tonight. for the democrats, it can take later since often times those caucuses unfold like a game of red rover.rover. >> closing arguments are set to begin today in the federal trial over north carolina's voter i.d. law. the law requires voters to show one of six accepted i.d.'s to vote. the justice department and naacp says the law will make it harder to cast a ballot. supporters supporters -- it is not clear if the skruj will make a ruling before the primaries in march. >> emergency meeting of the
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coming up in our health headlines, discussing the explosive spread of the zika virus. >> coming up in our business report, a movement to clamp down on unlicensed gun transactions. why facebook and instagram will no longer allow on the sites. >> your one source for news, weather and sports any time anywhere. you can get your real time traffic updates.
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your app store. >> the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting on the zika virus outbreak. carried by mosquitos, the disease is spreading quickly. that story starts today's health headlines. the cdc says there are 32 cases across a dozen states. the virus is not spreading
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coming in through travelers. who warns there could be as many as four million new infection this is year. there is no treatment for zika. the deputy director general talked about when a vaccine may become available. >> some 80% of those infected with the zika virus don't even feel sick and most who do have relatively mild symptoms such as a rash or pink eye. there are major worries about the dangers to pregnant women and their babies. >> it is a disease for life changing for people with it. women are 10 times more likely to have lupus than men. jennifer whalen introduces us to one woman who is determined to have a positive life despite the disease.
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>> seven years ago angela was diagnosed with the auto immune disease lupus. >> it is a chronic inflammatory disease. it affects the skin and the joints in the body. it can affect any part of our body unfortunately from head to toe. it can affect our brain. >> the disease affected angela's muscles, kidney and cognitive ability. it was so debilitating that she could not walk. she fought back with medication and a positive attitude. >> my goal before my birthday was to know how to swim. i did it. it was amazing. >> that includes staying actively. angela hasn't had a major flare-up since she was diagnosed. >> i look back on my life. in 2009 i was lying in bed, i could not walk. i did not know the word for apple. i mean, that is how impaired my
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for me to go from there to where i am now, in my opinion, it is a miracle. >> the onset of lupus typically occurs in people in their 20's and 30's and it is more common in certain ethnic groups. >> one more reason to have an apple a day, more fiber in teens has been link today breast cancer. they look for a link between dietary fiber in adolescence and early adulthood and later risk for breast cancer. they found eating more fiber in early adulthood was associated with a lower risk. >> coming up, severe winter weather snarls traffic on the california roads this weekend. a look at what brought traffic there to a stand still. >> our morning low, 41 degrees. our typical high, 49 degrees. we are already well above that. the record, 74 for a record high in 1950.
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>> cloud cover is increasing ahead of light rain coming our way later today. the skycam, 51 degrees here in the asheville area. it is already significantly warmer by 10 degrees. 61 in asheville. 61 in greer. 66 in greenwood. 63 also in andrews. dew points right now in the 40's and 50's. it is comfortable outside for this time of 84. winds are an issue.
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12 miles an hour from the west in anderson. satellite and radar, here's what is going on right now, not a lot in the asheville area. just passing clouds. a few showers off and on all morning. to that north of swain county in the great smoky mountains national park. the brunt of the rainfall right now is arcing over us. as we go through the afternoon, in fact, the area is going to moisten up and more showers will fire up especially in the mountains and along the north carolina-souu carolina border. the upstate lower part should be ok this afternoon. bigger picture, here's what is going on, this snaking frontal system is making its way across the country. this is the front end of it. it is basically putting on the brakes and in doing so, it is bringing isolated shower chances today. scattered shower chances tomorrow. by wednesday, the second half of
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pressure system is going to come our way. as it doesors it gets more vertical in nature. hot air and cold air meeting and with that, the potential wednesday is for two inches of rain here in the mountains, especially asheville and south. later this week, by thursday and friday, all this is out of here. much cooler conditions come our way from the northwest. here's what i'm talking about, right now, minneapolis, 32. 25 in billings. these cooler temperarares are coming our way especially at night come thursday and friday. on future cast, put it in motion for you, at 1:00 this afternoon, as you can see, just some spotty showers popping up, especially in cherokee county and clay county. then notice by the drive home tonight, things look good, especialal in the asheville area. high mountains picking up isolated showers. tomorrow off and on showers.
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see significant moisture moving through our area. wednesday morning into wednesday afternoon, that's a lot of rain moving through our area. a lot of rain coming quickly and flooding cannot be ruled out. as for a high in the asheville area, 62 degrees. this afternoon isolated showers can't be ruled out. unseasonably warm. 66 for a high in greenville. asheville, 44 degrees. light chance of showers, especially after midnight. winds from the north-northwest at 2 to 5. greenville, 50 degrees. sligig chance of rain for you. next seven days, it really is a tale of two forecasts, staying at 60 or better through wednesday. a lot of rain coming our way. temperatures dropping as we clear out all weekek. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, only 40's for highs. the scenario is the same but not dropping off so badly. 50's, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. >> not too bad. >> some changes to the world
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will stop producing vehicles >> miss piggy and the muppets. she looks happy but stocks are down. let's get you to the pored at noon dow down 73 points at 16393. nasdaq also down 15 points at 4598. >> toyota is halting production at all car semibli plants for a week in japan because of a parts shortage. that was caused by an explosion last month at one of its supplier facilities. >> general motors is kicking its
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cars into high gear. starting today the company is creating a dedicated team led by one of gm vice president. the goal is to figure out a strategy to make gm the leader in self-driving technology. the move shows self-driving cars are not just a concept for gm but is something the company thinks can work in the real world. >> wol, wagon may buy back diesel cars linked to the emission cheating scandal. the auto maker has rejected demands that it should repurchase the vehicle under recall. vw admitted it sold millions of diesel fuel cars with software designed to trick emission tests. the company has set up a compensation fund to determine how much money it should pay for the decline in their vehicle's value. >> facebook is is banning users from coordinating private sales on its site as well as on its app. the ban does not apply to
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the move brings firearms in line with facebook's ban on the private sale of marijuana, pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs. >> crazy video as a professional surfer had an epic wipeout trying to ride one of maui's waves. the viral video you can't look away from.
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for a nightclub in asheville. >> welcome back. professional surfer fell 40 feet while trying to ride a giant wave in maui. he says it felt like being in a car crash. he said he was actually blinded for a few seconds because of the strong sea spray before falling. the video was record recorded byruno
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>> how do you survive that? >> the aloha state has been hit by enormous waves because of the el nino.nino. >> can you imagine seeing those size waves, let alone getting out there? >> that is just horrifying to me. >> yeah. you have to hold your breath for how long to come up. there was a ton of water there. >> nervous. nervous about the house. don't know where we'll go. >> a henderson county family loses everything in a house fire this morning. coming up in our next half-hour, what we have learned about the cause. >> police in alabama are looking for a missouri couple suspected in a crime spree across three cities.
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